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Each region of the state offers experiences of excitement, serenity and adventure.

  • Excitement in fishing and in gambling
  • Serenity of peaceful lakes and piney woods
  • Adventure of swamps, scenic hikes and hidden treasures
  • An abundance of culture, canoeing and cuisine

In Sportsman's Paradise (North Louisiana) you will enjoy the beauty of piney woods and cotton fields, the peacefulness of a riverbank and popular casinos offering gambling and memorable entertainment. There are many lakes in the region where fishing, boating and picnicking offer good times and great memories.

Camping in Crossroads (Central Louisiana) assures you many recreational opportunities. Hiking, bird watching, canoeing and fishing attract many visitors who return annually to enjoy the adventures of Central Louisiana. In addition, this region is rich is historic sites, cultural museums and natural beauty. Adventures in gaming excitement can also be found in the southern region of Central Louisiana.

Outdoor adventure in Cajun Country includes scenic drives along moss-draped bayous, boating, salt-water fishing and visits to wildlife sanctuaries. Cajun culture is celebrated at lively festivals held throughout the year, and the history of this region can be explored at the many cultural and historical sites located across the region.

Plantation Country boasts of dramatic plantations, recreational waterways, entertaining swamp tours, and an abundance of southern culture and cuisine. Riverboat gaming, shopping and many state treasures may be visited in the Capital City while golfing and bird watching are popular ways to relax among magnolias and mother nature.

Greater New Orleans (New Orleans/Northshore) each offer a chance to celebrate the spirit of Louisiana. In New Orleans, you’ll have fun listening to the sounds of Louisiana music, shopping for art & antiques and absorbing the sights and sounds that influenced this unique combustion of cultures. On the Northshore, you’ll find relaxing biking, boutique shopping and wine tasting. A wildlife center, swamp tours, horseback riding and watching beautiful sunsets are contrasting ways to enjoy your day on the Northshore of New Orleans.